Use your Blood Results to Improve Your Health

Blood testing is one of the most widely used diagnostic tools in medicine today, however results tend to be used in a reactionary way with little emphasise on prevention.

Blood testing can clearly identify key areas for improvement in your health.  We give you visual results with reference ranges so that you can clearly highlight your key areas.  For biomarkers where your numbers are outside of the recommended reference range, you can take specific actions to improve your health in a targeted way, and track the results over time using our trend charts.

Across the range of biomarkers, much of the research focuses on lifestyle factors including diet, supplements, exercise and sleep.  We distil this research into usable chunks allowing you to be proactive in taking control of your health in line with the current shift towards preventative medicine.

Why not try our 30 day free trial to see how you can use your blood results to improve your health in a targeted way that allows you to get the maximum benefit for any changes that you make.


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