Interpreting Lab Test Results with Meaning

Are you among the many people who have been left frustrated after a recent blood test result.  You will have likely received a call from your doctor or nurse that touched on a few key points from the results, or a print out of results with a raft of number and terms that only a physician could understand. If you […]

Use your Blood Results to Improve Your Health

Blood testing is one of the most widely used diagnostic tools in medicine today, however results tend to be used in a reactionary way with little emphasise on prevention. Blood testing can clearly identify key areas for improvement in your health.  We give you visual results with reference ranges so that you can clearly highlight your […]

UnlockMyHealth – A new era for Blood Test Results

Welcome to UnlockMyHealth, a new service where we give you detailed explanations of your Blood Test Results along with Recommendations to improve your numbers.  We also provide visual results with reference ranges which you can track over time. Your blood contains a wealth of information about you across a range of health categories.  Our aim is […]