Understand your Albumin Blood Test Results…

This page helps you to understand blood test results for Globulin and gives you the reference range to determine if your lab test results mean that you have high, low or normal Globulin levels. 

We outline the risk factors associated with raised and low Globulin levels.

Reference Ranges for Globulin:

Measurement Units Metric Optimal Risk
US Conventional Units g/dl 2-3.5 < 2 or > 3.5
Standard International Units g/l 20-35 <20 or >35
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What is Globulin

Albumin is one of several proteins made in the liver, and is one of two main proteins in your blood, the other being Globulin.   Since albumin can be low in many different diseases and disorders, it may be used in a variety of settings to help diagnose disease, to monitor changes in health status with treatment or with disease progression, and as a screen that may indicate the need for other kinds of testing [35].

An albumin test may be ordered as part of a liver panel to evaluate liver function OR as part of a renal panel to evaluate kidney function. Albumin may also be ordered to evaluate a person’s nutritional status [35].

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Function of Globulin

Albumin keeps fluid from leaking out of blood vessels, nourishes tissues, and transports hormones, vitamins, and substances like calcium throughout the body [35].

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Risk factors associated with Globulin

Your doctor will interpret your result for each biomarker in the context of the overall test and determine if your result warrants further investigation.

Low levels of Albumin in the Blood (hypoalbumenia) can be a sign of

    • Liver damage or disease
    • Renal (kidney) dysfunction
    • Certain heart conditions
    • Problems with your stomach – including inflammatory bowel disease can cause hypoalbuminemia
    • Poor nutrition – Lack of protein in the diet [35]
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Notable variations by Demographic Group

Low levels of albumin are more often seen in elderly patients [35].

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Diet to improve Globulin

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Supplements for Globulin

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Exercise to improve Globulin

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Sleep for Globulin